INJECTION WELLS- Team members have provided technical services for the operators of injection wells throughout the United States. As employees of PETROTEK and various other consulting firms over the past twenty-five years, staff members have completed underground injection control (UIC) permits, petition reservoir modeling studies and provided field activity supervision for facilities throughout the country. We have experience regarding all aspects of deepwells ranging from feasibility studies to design, installation, maintenance, testing and contract operations. PETROTEK staff are experienced with permitting issues for both new and existing deepwell related facilities throughout the United States including the Rocky Mountains, Mid-west, Plains and Gulf Coast.
OIL AND GAS - We have backgrounds from major companies including Gulf Oil, Dow Chemical, Pogo Producing, Tenneco, Montana Power, Schlumberger, Halliburton, Noble, Anaconda Minerals, Goldfields Ltd, and Exeter Drilling that involve well operation, drilling, reservoir engineering, geology, environmental compliance, and refining. As consultants we regularly provide results oriented services to both major companies and smaller independent operators regarding a variety of specialized technical issues including permitting and brine disposal via injection.
ISR URANIUM- Our specific experience in the ISR uranium industry spans more than twenty years and includes initial permitting, aquifer characterization, operations, and wastewater disposal. We are familiar with all federal and state regulatory requirements related to fluid flow at ISR projects. PETROTEK currently provides consulting services to all of the major uranium operators in the country with production or production visibility, as well as a number of companies in the advanced and junior exploration stages.
MINING- We have more than twenty years of experience in the mining industry for characterization and investigations related to soils and groundwater including: 1) pre-permit evaluation to support permitting; 2) operational monitoring; 3) post operational assessment and monitoring; and 4) characterization for RCRA and CERCLA studies.
ENVIRONMENTAL - PETROTEK team personnel have experience working for both small and large environmental consultants, US EPA, and the USGS. Environmental projects have been completed primarily for the private sector, but also for local and regional governmental agencies, US EPA, DOE, DOD, federal research laboratories and waste disposal facilities.
SAFETY- Petrotek has a dedicated safety professional on staff.  Our safety support services include the ability to help assess our operations and manage our subcontractors safely on your construction, oil & gas, manufacturing, mining and industrial projects.  We can also develop safety plans for unique projects. The safety department is available to provide assistance to you at any time.
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