Date: 11/11/2009
Story: Refitted to Bury Emissions, Plant Draws Attention
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NEW HAVEN, W.Va. — Poking out of the ground near the smokestacks of the Mountaineer power plant here are two wells that look much like those that draw natural gas to the surface. But these are about to do something new: inject a power plant’s carbon dioxide into the earth.

Date: 05/28/2009
Story: Future U.S. Department of Energy facility in Wilsonville, Alabama, will study reducing carbon dioxide emissions
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WILSONVILLE - The U.S. Department of Energy will establish a national center for research on the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions at an Alabama Power Co. facility in Shelby County, the company and the Department of Energy announced Wednesday.

Date: 05/07/2009
Story: Pumping CO2 underground best hope for climate: Shell
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NEW YORK (Reuters) - Projects to capture industrial emissions and store them in the earth's crust could cut CO2 pollution by up to 40 percent, according to officials from oil major Shell.

Date: 05/22/2009
Story: U.S. to get its first carbon capture and sequestration test in 2011
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The U.S. will get its first large scale attempt for capturing carbon emitted from a coal-powered facility in 2011, energy firm Southern Company said.

Date: 04/16/2009
Story: Capturing carbon from coal plants: Is it feasible?
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On a remote patch of rolling plain in western North Dakota lies a massive labyrinth of buildings, tanks, towers, pipes and conveyors. This industrial behemoth — the Great Plains Synfuels Plant — is designed to turn the vast deposits of lignite coal that lie in the ground into substitute natural gas.

Date: 03/19/2009
Story: DOE Releases Report on Techniques to Ensure Safe, Effective Geologic Carbon Sequestration
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The Office of Fossil Energy’s National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL) has created a comprehensive new document that examines existing and emerging techniques to monitor, verify, and account for carbon dioxide (CO2) stored in geologic formations.

Date: 10/13/2009
Story: Pipeline Would Carry Midwest CO2 to Gulf Coast's Oil Fields
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Midwestern states are working with energy companies to overcome one of the biggest obstacles to carbon capture and storage: finding ways to transport the gas from its industrial source to its final resting place.

Date: 09/23/2009
Story: Close To The Injection Point
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The first underground carbon sequestration process of its kind in the country will start within the next few days at American Electric Power's Mountaineer Power Plant in Mason County.

Date: 10/08/2009
Story: Alstom captures CO2 from Wisconsin coal plant
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NEW YORK (Reuters) - More than 90 percent of carbon dioxide has been captured from a small emissions slipstream at a Wisconsin coal-burning power plant in a pilot project, testers said on Thursday.

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